Many of you should be asking these questions for a new vending company or their existing company. Feel free to contact us through "Contact Us" or call us at (888) 770-7771 if you have any questions or suggestions!

Q. What separates A&M Vending from other vendors?
At A&M Vending we take pride in being responsive to our customers needs. Tailored snacks, repairs, customized delivery schedules are just a few things that we can handle with a smile!

Q. My present vending company wants me to sign a contract with them, whats up with that?
The company may be trying to offset vending purchase/moving costs to be sure they are at your location long enough to turn some profit. Or they are trying to protect themselves if the relationship faultors then you are still obligated to keep them in some cases.

Q. What is the turnaround time for call-in incidents?
We normally will get to your location for a service call within 1-2 hours or we will communicate any other ETA

Q. Do they have a dedicated fulltime repair team?
We have 3 repairmen available on staff to take care of your needs, when you need them.

Q. Are they properly insured and can they provide a certificate of insurance to prove it?
A&M Vending can provide our insurance cert upon request

Q. Can the customer select preferred items/flavors to be placed in the vending machine of your choice?
At A&M Vending yes you can!

Q. Are they doing this full-time or as a second job, so you are not their priority?
A&M Vending has been established since 1973 working for our customers all the time, fulltime.

Q. What are their normal business hours?
A&M Vending normal hours are Monday through Friday 6am to 5pm. If you have an emergency we are available outside normal hours as well.