A&M Refreshments appreciates our loyal customers. We also show our appreciation when someone refers us to another business by sending you a 'Thank you' Please sign up below today!

How would you like to win one or more of the following:

$50.00 Gift Certificate to a Resturaunt

$50.00 Office kitchen coffee or supplies credit

$50.00 Gift Card to Wawa  

$50.00 Value Primo Hoagie Tray for the office

Here is how it works:

Refer someone who we can contact at another local business within South Jersey, Southeast Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware area that you know and if they sign up for any one of our services, you are entered into the referral program

  1. The referral must result in services abtained from A&M Vending or subsidiary
  2. Prizes will be presented after 30 days within 45 days of referral company starting with A&M Refreshments
  3. The referred company must have at least 50 employees to qualify and must utilize our services for at least 30 days.

Services they may like would be:  Cold Drinks |  Snacks  |  Coffee  |  Water Cooler  | Office Kitchen Supplies

 Get started filling out the form below! Or download the pdf form here


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