Our Company

At A&M Refreshments we are your total breakroom solution professionals. We customize what we supply you based your specific employee breakroom needs.

A&M Refreshments creates a convenient in-house environment for you and your employees. We offer:
• Vending, Markets, Water coolers, Coffee Services
• Free setup (excluding water line installation)
• State of the art ~ Remote Monitoring System
• 24/7 maintenance
• Healthy incentive or Employee Loyalty options
• Courteous and Professional Service

A&M Refreshments provides you service with personnel that care about making things a pleasure for you and your staff. Your team deserve to have people that care about doing a good job.
We believe in providing value and high-quality service, things that companies like yours expect to be given. Our team members are bonded, and all have had background checks and also go through regular training programs.