Author: Bill

A&M Refreshments Safety

Most vending companies are struggling to convert to the new world around us. While we realize this is evolving daily we are trying to stay ‘fluid’ with what are the best steps to handle things on any given day. We have team members who have been trained in emergency management incidents such as we are seeing today.

During the current health crisis, we have put in place measures to ensure that the disinfection of machine surfaces and our products we is carried out with care. We do this on your location as well as teaming up with your maintenance crew members to partner in the efforts to focus on sanitized surfaces on a daily basis.

We have daily safety procedures in place. If you are interested in learning more about this feel free to contact us.


Meeting with our new business partners

In today’s world we understand that you may need to handle meetings and decisions in a more virtual state of mind then previously. We can show you the value of the services we offer, while also demonstrating the importance of our customer’s safety and providing the best services that fit your new business models for today and in the future. 


Our sales and technical teams can set up a zoom meeting and discuss any areas of our services over a virtual meeting. By providing the right services we can be a positive component to reduce risks of multiple sources coming into contact with your location and your team. Setup a meeting with our team to find out how we can help you navigate your teams breakroom experience in the new territory.

A&M refreshments delivers healthy snack and drinks

In a brainstorming meeting, the pressure of coming up with incredible new ideas can be debilitating. Luckily A&M Refreshments can supply the team with great drinks, snacks and fruits with the new delivery service. Whether it is at the office or each team member is at a remote location, we have you covered.

Local fresh fruit, protein-packed bars or snacks or your favorite drink. There’s something for everyone from A&M. We are always sourcing new and tasty products to help you nourish company culture. We keep your office happy, well-fueled, and productive. And you can count on our friendly customer service department to help manage your orders. We can even set up the order and stock your office for you if you like.