Convert your workplace, facility, or campus with a convenient self-serve micro market.

Refuel and recharge right on the spot, with a custom-designed kiosk.

Refuel and recharge right on the spot, with a custom-designed kiosk.

24/7 Grab-n-Go Experience for:

Soup | Yoghurt | Go and Grab Meal

A&M Refreshments has been caring for companies needs since 1973. We are very passionate about meeting our customer’s needs. Offer your employees healthy and delicious food and beverages.

A&M’s micro market is your ideal solution.

Or call us right now at 888 770-7771.

A&M Services Help many industries and Companies

Or call us right now at 888 770-7771.


Employees will be delighted by convenient, healthy food and drinks.


On-demand, on-site meals and snacks. No travel time!


Kiosks offer products all employees need, in-house.
Or call us right now at 888 770-7771.

What Makes A&M Services unique?


52,000+ sq ft facility right in Audubon, PA


Family owned and operated


Experienced, results-driven people ready to help

With A&M your micro market can be custom configured to satisfy all your employees. Set up for 24/7 operations, self-guided dining options have never been better. Micro market kiosks offer an upscale on-site experience and easy ways to pay – cash, credit card, ApplePay, and most forms of electronic payments.

Your employees want healthier, fresher options? We hear you! Your micro market can cover breaktime, lunchtime, and even supply snacks for the kids after school. Don’t have space or budget for an on-site chef? A micro market is your next best option.

What makes your micro market possible? Cutting-edge technology and a simple to use kiosk. Your system will be easily modifiable to suit evolving demands, and you even have the option to use micro market cards as an employee incentive. You can also customize your market to include seasonal items like umbrellas, drugstore items like popular allergy medications, and even t-shirts with your logo.

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