Our Technology Approach

When you choose A&M Refreshments for your companies refreshment service needs, you can be confident that you will be provided with the correct technology suited for your team in our industry.  Providing your team items for rejuvenation is our livelihood and passion.  A&M Refreshments continually is evaluating the latest and greatest in our industries technology.  What can our services offer you today?

  • Credit card readers come standard on all of our machines
  • We offer front panel touch screen vending machines
  • Drop sensor technology Systems are included in every machine

A&M Refreshments is a comprehensive vending service company. We make sure our vending machines are well-stocked with quality products. We manage our inventories, maintenance and service by monitoring our state of the art vending technology in a centralized command center. There is no work required on your part. We are driven to bring you a total convenience vending solution and service. We offer the newest technology options, cashless vending and convenience to your doorstep.

Some of our popular vending equipment includes: cold beverage vending machines, snack machines, coffee vending machines, office coffee services, filtered water and food vending.

A&M Refreshments is licensed, insured & bonded. Many small vending companies do not carry the proper insurance to have their machines at your location, so please ask your vending company today!

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Green Technology

A&M Refreshments provides the latest in Green Technology with equipment that is specially made to minimize electrical power usage.  The machines are equipped with modern compressors which use 40% less electricity.  These machines are able to automatically lower their power consumption at non-peak hours.  Even our coolers in the Micro-Market kiosks are green consuming less power and are environmentally friendly.  Our machines use the latest in LED lighting and Energy Star power ratings.