A&M Vending Services

A&M Refreshments office vending machine services makes customers and employees happy by giving them access to soft drinks and delicious snacks at their convenience. Whether the products in the vending machine will be used as a meal replacement or a refreshing break we have snacks, food, and beverages available that will appeal to everyone. If you like working with a respected leader in The Tri-State area then lets partner together and create a positive environment for your team.

Micro Markets

A Micro Market in-house marketplace is a great alternative for businesses with 75 employees or more! Learn more…

Vending Services

If you have a workplace with 45 or more full time employees or “people flow” daily then A&M Refreshments can provide a free, fully serviced cold drink vending machine for you. Learn More….

Filtered Water

A&M Refreshments Services provides office water cooler services – for your employees to be able to have purified water at work on demand. Learn More…

Office Coffee Services

A&M Refreshments is ready to serve our customers by having a specialized focus on water coolers and coffee services. Learn More…

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Delivery Options

In order to better serve our customer’s needs, we are now offering bulk vending supplies and delivery to your workplace. Learn More…

Customer Service

Our goal is to be the best in customer service. We are committed to providing you the best service with the newest technologies available.

Don’t sell your company short by awarding a bidder with cheap service your business, your team deserves better. If a company has cheap pricing, this means low short term pricing for you, long term poor service for regular filling and repairs.