Vending Services

If you have a workplace with 45 or more full time employees or “people flow” daily then A&M Refreshments can provide a free, fully serviced cold drink vending machine for you.

Cold Drink Vending

  • A&M Refreshments takes care of all your vending needs
  • We install the vending machines
  • Keep them stocked with the soda and beverage products of your choice
  • Handle all the service and maintenance quickly
  • Remotely monitor and manage machines in realtime
  • We provide the highest quality vending machines and vending services that your company deserves

And at A&M Refreshments the cost for all of this? FREE! No start-up fees…No rental fees…No worries!

Whether you need a vending machine for one location or vending services for several locations, we can tailor our vending management program to meet your business needs.

We carry most Pepsi, Coke, Canada Dry beverage products and other new flavors as well!.

Snack Machines

A&M Refreshments is pleased to offer snack vending machines to all companies and industries for their Breakroom Vending needs. Normally, we provide this service to locations with at least 50 employees or more.

  • We install the snack vending machine
  • We keep the snack machine stocked with products you enjoy
  • We take care of any service and maintenance issues, quickly

Together we give your location will have a convenient snack machine for your employees and your customers!


A&M Refreshments can place snack vending machines with a variety of most major national brands as well as regional products such as Tastykakes and Herrs to name a few.

Some product options include chips, candy, cookies, pastries, and healthier products such as granola bars, nuts, trail mix, pretzels and more. Some national brands include Snickers, Frito Lay, M&M’s, Doritos, Lays, Nutri-Grain, and much more.

Machine Sizes

Snack Vending Machines vary between individual models to suit most locations’ space requirements. Snack machines range with in the following dimensions: 68-72″ (Height) x 29-41″ (Width) x 30-34″ (Depth).

Snack Machine Placement Requirements

In order to place a snack machine, A&M Refreshments must also place a soda vending machine.