Office water options

A&M Refreshments Services provides office water cooler services – for your employees to be able to have purified water at work on demand. A&M Refreshments specializes in office beverages, so we can supply filtered water coolers and regular water deliveries to your location. Let us set up a delivery schedule to meet your office water needs.

Using A&M Refreshments to handle your office filtered water service and handle all your office beverage services assures you of quality, personal service. Don’t forget to check out our coffee too!

Filtered Water Coolers:

Bottled water hurts our environment, is terribly wasteful, is less regulated and proven no safer than municipal water. In fact it’s more expensive than gasoline! A bottless water cooler filtering system purifies your municipal water. A&M creates an environment for you to give your employees an easy in-house convenience with no maintenance for you.
  • No Inventory
  • No mess, no bottles to flip on to the cooler
  • Free repair service
  • Hot and cold dispenser
If existing cooler is being replaced, installation is free! Otherwise a flat rate may apply

Low monthly rates starting as low as $28.85

(with filter 1 annual filter change, additional filter changes extra)
It’s recommended that everyone get eight cups of water each day – which is why many of your employees probably drink water all throughout the day. Why not provide them with cold, filtered water at their disposal. Contact A&M Refreshments Services for more information about our water coolers and water delivery services. Our company provides quality with many product choices to meet every businesses water cooler and water delivery needs.
Or call us right now at 888 770-7771.

Bulk case Water Deliveries:

Many companies have bulk water delivered today. Please consider A&M Refreshments for your bulk water and bulk sales items as well. If you like us for the vending or other services why not continue our relationship and allow us to serve you from this area? After all, drinks and snacks are what we specialize in! Call or email us  today!

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